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Up To My Grille In Dirt

Good Monday morning friends.  I certainly hope that you had a great weekend, but I’m ready to get this week started after spending a couple of ten hour days working over my website and PC. […]

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“Autumn Contrast” – It is a New Year

Welcome to a new year.   I thought I would ring in the new year with this photo titled “Autumn Contrast”.   I just loved how this solitary green leaf stood out from the other […]

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Sitting in the Leaves

Good Sunday morning friends.   A couple of weeks ago I found some gourds at the store that I thought would be fun to shoot with some Fall leaves.  I really liked how the colors […]

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October Sunrise – A Great Saturday Morning

Good Sunday morning friends.  I’m still thinking about the spectacular sunrise we had yesterday, so I decided to post a series of five images of the predawn colors.   I was a little rushed, but […]

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Baled Hay House

What a wonderful Wednesday morning.  I hope all of you are well and have a great day. Seems like I have had a busy few weeks and have not had a chance to post as […]

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Grand Finale

Yesterday morning I had posted a Carhenge photo titled “Quiet Start” capturing the pre-dawn colors on the 4th of July.  Just like a fireworks show, Mother Nature provided The “Grand Finale” during the course of […]

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Quiet Start

Good Monday morning friends.  I hope all of you had a very safe and happy Fourth of July weekend. I woke up early on Saturday morning July 4th, and decided I would spend a nice […]

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Calla Lily Ballet

Good Monday morning friends.  I don’t know about you but we have been doing a lot of work on our flower garden this year, trying to get it loaded up with lots of perennials to […]

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Little Angels

Monday has arrived and I thought I would post a photo titled “Little Angels” to kick off this week.  Other than the return of  snow (gag) this weekend we have been blessed with a really […]

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Thought I better post another spring flower for my friends.   I certainly have enjoyed this spring and have spent some great quality time outdoors.  I hope you have gotten out to enjoy nature too. […]

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