Steve_2a 5x5Hello, my name is Stephen(Steve) Sullivan and welcome to my photography website.  The name of this site is pronounced Ma-kay-so (McKaso) and it was created from the first two letters of my children’s first names.  I do need to thank one person of special importance…my wife Lora.  Thank you  for your unending support.

I have enjoyed the “Good Life” living in the Nebraska Panhandle for 30 years with its wide open plains complimented with stunning skies, magnificent sunrises and sunsets and wonderful people.   I would like to share with you the images that bring me joy.  There is beauty all around us, so please take the time to see what is around you and savor it.  Slow down and look for the little things that go unnoticed.

Art is such a fickle thing.  Some people will love it, others will not, and some will not understand it.  What is most important, is to create it for yourself.  Work to develop your own style and use the greatest tool that you have and that is behind the viewfinder.


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**As you surf the Internet, please be respectful of an artists rights and do not infringe upon them.  Many hours of hard work have been poured into our art.  All photos on this site are copyright protected and may not be used without permission.  During your visit please feel free to send any questions or comments using the contact page.


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A large selection of custom print choices are available and my photos can be printed on nearly any surface type.

Standard photo paper – Lustre, Glossy and Matte

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Have a Great Day and Enjoy Life!!  🙂