October Sunrise – A Great Saturday Morning

Good Sunday morning friends.  I’m still thinking about the spectacular sunrise we had yesterday, so I decided to post a series of five images of the predawn colors.   I was a little rushed, but I have a few “go to” locations nearby that I can get to quickly.   The first image “Early to Work” I shot from my car.  My “go to” location I picked yesterday, happened to be directly on the other side of the tracks.  As luck would have it a train was passing through, so I was anxious for it to hurry up and get by quickly.  That is, until I noticed the red and orange glow reflecting off the sides of the train cars.   I had just enough time to fire off a few quick test shots and then waited a few moments for the locomotives to reach the point I wanted.  I didn’t even notice at the time, that the lights on the locomotive steps had cast their light out and onto the ballast supporting the tracks.

The images are posted in the sequence that they were captured.  Titles are “Early to Work”,  October Orange”, “October Glow”, “Abstract Skies” and “October Morning”.  For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you saw “October Morning” posted yesterday.  Just thought I would include it in the entire series today.

Just a reminder that all images are copyright protected.

Have a Great Day!! =)

Early to Work














October Orange














October Glow














Abstract Skies














October Morning

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