Up To My Grille In Dirt

Good Monday morning friends.  I certainly hope that you had a great weekend, but I’m ready to get this week started after spending a couple of ten hour days working over my website and PC.   Nothing to complain about, it was just time for some spring cleaning and upgrades.   Because of software updates I ended up adding a new graphics card and doubling the RAM in my PC and boy what a huge difference that has made.  There are certainly a lot of changes in software requirements and file sizes that can challenge a system, so I’m glad that I planned for some future upgrades when I bought my PC.  My last step will be to add a solid state drive in the very near future.   Anyway, I finished off my weekend project developing this Carhenge image that I decided to title “Up To My Grille In Dirt”.   I thought that title was well suited for some spring cleaning…lol.  I had captured this a couple weeks ago during a wonderful March sunset.  I really love those soft blue colors and the hint of pink in the clouds.

Have a Great Week!! =)

Up to My Grille in Dirt

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